Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zinc

  A preliminary review of A-Z challenge and how it went, since this is a zinc blog and all.

So, yeah.... the training wheels came off this past week or two, and this blogger bit the dust.  Even with posts half written, I just couldn't quite find that inner something to dig deep  and WANT IT. Guess that's why I'm a struggling novelist/fiction writer and not a wannabe professional blogger!  At least not yet anyway. The final current count stands at four missing posts - P, R, X, Y.  As three of those are partially written, who knows, they may still show up today.

Overall though, I've found this challenge very worthwhile.  It let me meet so many incredible bloggers out there, most of whom I plan to keep reading after this month is over.  If I've commented on your page during the past month and its not AC (sorry! I read at work sometimes), you've been added to my feedly account.  If you don't think I've discovered you/added you to my list of reads yet and you would like to be added, just comment on this post!  I will hop on over lickety-split to check your page out.

This challenge also pushed me into writing different kinds of posts than I typically have in the past. It was fun; it was interesting; and I am very curious to see how it influences the kinds of writing I will do here in the upcoming months. One thing I can say for sure though, this has decided me on knowing that I am not the kind of person who will blog every day.  It interferes too  much with my other writing.   I could, however, stand to be more diligent about when, what, and how often I post

Thank you so much for reading and journeying along with me this month! You are greatly appreciated, whoever and wherever you may be.

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