Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Idea Buzz

We all have something that makes us energized and happy in a way other things don’t. Something we crave like chocolate or coffee. It may be exercise, or getting out among trees, or having loud, noisy debates with friends. And if we don’t get it, well, all cylinders may be firing but the usual oomph just isn’t there.

Me? I need Ideas with a capital I. Give me Google search; give me TED talks; give me NPR radio like Q or This American Life or Splendid Table; give me long tangential conversations with my brother. Just give me ideas.

Good idea, bad idea…unless its a topic I care passionately about, that part doesn’t really matter as much. It’s not the weight of the individual idea that’s important. It’s the possibilities associated with it. The ping, ping, ping of connecting ideas.

It took me a long time to realize that it was an actual thing I needed to make space for in my life, not just something that was nice to do.

 What about you? Are there things you’ve found you need to do regularly to keep your energy and creativity levels up and humming?


  1. Nothing works for me like time alone, and it seems that nothing is ever as difficult to come by as that. On the bright side, when I do manage to snatch an hour here or there all to myself, I know how to appreciate it!

    1. So true! A nice long block of time alone can be very refreshing and necessary.