Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WNP: A Rainy Day

Have let myself get out of the Tuesday morning habit of writing prompts. Here's a start back into the prompt writing...

Write Now! Prompt: They huddled under the bus shelter as the rain and wind got heavier.

For 7:30 in the morning, it was incredibly dismal out, though Reyna.  The wind gusted past carrying scraps of sheet metal and broken branches from the work site down the street, pushing everyone back into the bus shelter as far out of the rain and wind as they could get.  Several strands of her long blond hair pulled free from the hairband tying it back, whipping it across her eyes and chin.  If only the bus would hurry up, just this one morning.

She gave a short nod of hello to the workman in gray coveralls whose shoulder she was now pressing into and worked to shove her hair out of her eyes and mouth and back behind her ear..

"'Sup," he returned the greeting with his own flick of the chin.

One of the teens at the far side of the shelter cracked a joke she couldn't quite make out. Loud peels of laughter broke out, and one of the younger girls was laughing so hard she nearly fell over into the rather large puddle forming just outside the shelter.  Luckily one of her friends grabbed her back.  It did nothing to calm the shouts of laughter, however.  With a tired sigh, Reyna put her hand up to her forehead to try and rub away the wrinkle of worry and frustration that just wouldn't quite relax and to push away irritated thoughts at why these teens to make it out of bed before 8 on this particular summer morning..  It wasn't their fault she was having a bad day.  She should be glad they were making the best of this midwest take on a monsoon rain.

Down the street there was a loud squeal of brakes, and the dark form of the Number 2 materialized through the gusting mist and pouring rain.

"Bus!" yelled one of the teens, as it came to a halt in front of them and swung open its doors on a puff of air. A moment later everyone was piling in out of the rain as fast as they could go.  Luckily no one needed to get off at this stop today.  A moment after that she was in a warm dry seat and breathing a little more easily.  Reyna looked at her watch just as they pulled away from the bus stop a full minute and a half early.  She felt her lips curl up into the beginnings of a smile.

Maybe this day had a good chance of turning around after all.

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