Friday, June 14, 2013

WNP: Familiar

WNP: "She sang a song I’d never heard, and yet it felt so familiar."

I was sitting in a corner booth, over under the mirrors and behind the long wall of books at The Library, when I first heard her sing.  It was a small eclectic bar and coffeehouse that sometimes had poetry readings or musicians of an evening. Someplace I'd been going after work for months to swig a beer or sip a cup of coffee, pretending to myself I was writing the Great American Novel in my battered composition books. Mostly though, I was just writing scribbles.   Fragments of thought; bits of story; random associations; little pieces of words that didn't quite make a poem. None of it had yet coalesced into "something more".  I used to think that, hopefully, if I kept showing up at the page, the story would to. One day.  Or so I liked to comfort myself.

She sang a song that night I'd never heard, and yet it felt so familiar.  Like a long drink of water shivering down the core of my bones. That night, I wrote my first complete set of song lyrics.

~excerpted from an interview on the source of inspiration with Adele Simons, lyricist

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  1. I'd love to write at a place like this! You made it sound so charming. And, may I just say, your blog's background works wonderfully with the piece =)