Thursday, August 22, 2013

Update on the Status of The Silent Room Series...

I have  not been posting any further prompts in this series, but  it has not been forgotten :)

I have continued working on it in bits and bursts as I get a prompt that feels like it fits. While it has still (mostly) kept to the basic premise of a prompt  series,  the story was just getting complicated enough, I thought I should reach a bit of a resting place in the writing of it before I continued on with posting them.  Look for them to begin posting weekly again, starting next Thursday.

Addendum 11.2.13

for those looking for thursday updates, this serial has not been forgotten. just my minor edits to the sections I have already written have taken a back seat to my nano plotting and planning.  that and my slight error in editing myself into a bit of a story "faultline"... will hopefully revise myself out of it shortly.  will hopefully begin posting these again soon.

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