Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Things He Couldn't Hear

Prompt Writing with Copper. The prompt was "things he couldn't hear".

The world had grown useless in his old age.  Simon spat fiercely at an irritating weed, then shifted his chew from one cheek to the other.  Useless, good for nothing young people who couldn't be bothered to say so much as a please or a goodbye or a thank you.  And mumbling like nincompoops all the rest of the time.

Too annoyed to think about the sorry state of the world any longer, he shoved himself up onto his knees and tried to stand.  They creaked and grumbled and all around complained as he struggled.   Eventually he gave in and used the cane laying on the ground next to him to get to his feet.  About the time he got to his feet, he thought maybe he heard a bang.

He took his time but eventually got turned around to face the house.  His wife waved wildly at him and pantomimed hitting a pan with a wooden spoon.  What on earth?  He was starting to think she was going as crazy as the rest of the world. Well, if she wanted to play charades.  He pointed at the half full wheelbarrow next to him and gestured toward the trash pile. She nodded, then held up the phone.  Oh right, Cindy was calling at 6 pm sharp.  He looked at his watch. Thirty minutes yet.  He'd about make it.  He nodded, then huffed out a sigh before turning to wrangle with the wheelbarrow.

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