Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Silent Room: Part 10

At long update to the silent room series.  I will hopefully be a little more regular about posting this over the next few weeks..

WNP:  "the room filled with a strange yet familiar scent"


Grenfelder had somehow managed to open the envelope and unfold the paper inside it, though it had taken him the better part of what had felt like an hour to do so.

Inside was simply a white sheet of paper with a list. It read:

            Flour Jar
            Paving Stone
            Red Geranium
            Blue Checked Napkin

           Think of fire for 5 seconds.

He read it over twice, thinking it was like some kind of weird memory test.  Unfortunately, he was so puzzled by this last line that he stared at it for a little too long. With a flash of fire and the heavy scent of smoke, the paper suddenly vaporized in his hand. Shocked, he stared at his hand as if the paper would suddenly reappear.  It did not.  This was some jacked up dream he had going on, he thought.

Then, because he was still alone in a room chained to a wall with nothing to do but sleep and wait to see what torture they had for him next, he sat and contemplated what he could remember of the list, trying to pull back all the random words and instructions. A great deal longer on, when his eyes had begun to drift shut and his brain to conjure images of giant flour jars filled with smoke and geraniums that burned in a bright blaze of fire in the early morning sun, he heard the jangle of guards coming back to make their rounds.

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