Friday, March 29, 2013

WNP: The Silent Room

WNP:  "a strange calmness came over him when he entered the silent room"



He had always been afraid of The Silent Room. Everybody was.  It was the horror hanging over your head throughout childhood. The monster worse than your worst nightmare.  The insidious fear of it pushing you on into adulthood doing only what was expected. Staying always within the lines to avoid the ultimate punishment of That Place. The room where your soul would be stolen away. Your body left as nothing but a vacant empty shell to be pushed around the endless corridors of the Institute.

But when he spoke a word too far, and his world fell apart, and it came time to actually step through Its doors, he found only that a strange calmness came over him.  After all, they had already stolen his life away in fear and silenced thoughts, silenced speech, silenced action. What did it matter then if they made it final?


  1. Oooh now you have to write more of this. Fascinating!

    1. interesting thought. I've never tried that yet with stringing prompts together into a sort of serial story, but I really loved it on yours. I may have to try that.