Friday, January 18, 2013

WNP: That Box

(Write Now Prompt - "I pried the lid off the box with a crowbar.")

After a lifetime of wondering what was in That Box, that glorious packing case in the corner of my uncle's living room, I was about to find out what was in it. He who had traveled round the world thrice and then backwards round the world another several times, taking it with him always; it must be filled with all kinds of treasures. Even if it was just small bits of personal treasures- stone and sand and bits of riff-raff from all the places he had been, it would be exciting to myself who had never been anywhere. Suppressing a shiver of excitement as I stood there surrounded by other curious family (Uncle Bory had passed a way a fortnight before and had left me the case in his will), I pried the lid off the box with a crowbar. The box was filled bubble wrap and styrofoam packing.  Giving a grin to the relatives, I began to dig through the layers.  I, we, were not prepared for what I found.

All of his dogs--  a Great Dane, a beagle, and two black labs- commemorated in taxidermy.

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