Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WNP: Mountain Zip Line

WNP: He pulled on the helmet and secured the strap.

He pulled on the helmet and secured the strap.  His harness was already attached to the trolley.  Checked. Triple checked. And checked again.  Wind whistled around him shrill and forceful, pushing  him with little shoves toward the cliff face.   He reached back one more time to feel the secure weight of the search and rescue kit strapped to his back. He was just stalling now.  He pulled on the thick gloves and grabbed the handles of the zip line, trying to ignore the creaks and groans he told himself were not from lack of use or disrepair.  Looking out from his small rocky shelter near the plateau where the helicopter had dropped him, he watched the clouds piling up along the horizon and the stretch of their long shadows shifting over the green plain so far below.  He kept his eyes toward the horizon and off the rocky crags and jagged ice sheets below him.  No use thinking of that.  It was still the only way into the canyon.  He checked the straps of his kit one more time.  It was somebody else's life now if he didn't get a move on.  He took a deep breath and jumped.

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  1. You really engage all the senses in this post. A very visceral post -- nicely done.